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Does Broken Windows Theory Apply to Software?


One broken window, left unrepaired for any substantial length of time, instills in the inhabitants of the building a sense of abandonment—a sense that the powers that be don’t care about the building. So another window gets broken. People start littering. Graffiti appears. Serious structural damage begins. In a relatively short space of time, the building becomes damaged beyond the owner’s desire to fix it, and the sense of abandonment becomes reality.
- The Pragmatic Programmer

New York City’s Police Commissioner, William Bratton, gained notoriety in the 1990s for his innovative approach to policing which focused on things like community engagement, maintaining order in public areas and prevention of minor crimes like vandalism or littering. Many of Bratton’s tactics, which are still widely in use today, were based heavily on Broken Windows Theory, a concept which suggests that the

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